What does a colonic involve?

Colon hydrotherapy is a simple, safe and convenient treatment, taking up to 45 minutes. Modern, professional equipment means that there is no mess or smell, and your therapist will work discreetly, protecting your safety and dignity at all times.

During your treatment a simple rectal examination is initially done to check the direction of the insertion of the speculum and to check for internal haemorrhoids, then a small tube called a speculum is gently inserted about an inch and a half into your rectum. Claire will keep talking to you and will keep you relaxed throughout. This is the part that most people are anxious about and you can be reassured that this is a totally painless procedure!!!  Your body adjusts to the presence of the speculum within a minute or so and generally you will not even feel it is there!


Warm filtered water is then introduced in to your colon through the speculum. As the water enters your body you will feel a fullness as your colon fills up then a relaxing feeling as it empties! The aim is to stimulate your colon to induce peristalsis (your body’s own mechanism for emptying the colon!) the water and the tubing then assist your body in eliminating and all waste is taken away!


The procedure is built on many “fills and emptys” the preconception of your insides being pressure washed is totally false! The Water is introduced to “fill” the colon and then released to “empty” and this is done numerous times through out the treatment. Some short and some longer periods of introducing, holding and releasing water gives the best result. Generally a colonic Hydrotherapy treatment uses 100litres of water.

The water temperature is regulated by claire who will assess from your needs how warm or cool it needs to be! She can change the temperature of the water throughout your treatment to give you the best possible result. We constantly monitor your out put which helps us to understand why you are having issues and how we can best put a plan together to help you return to the best health you can be.

 The water pressure and temperature is carefully controlled, at colonic healthcare we use a manual gravity fed system (our colonics are not performed by machine!), so Claire can feel what is happening inside your colon and perform the colonic accordingly,


The waste is drained away discreetly in a closed system with absolutely no mess or smell at all!


It is important to say you are in control of your treatment at all times! Claire will be with you for your entire appointment, talking to you and reassuring you (or even just talking about the weather!!) and if you wanted to stop the treatment, take a pause or get off the bed to use the toilet (rare but it has happened!!) that is totally fine!

Throughout the treatment and after Claire prides herself on offering a friendly, openminded and listening approach to help identify some of the possible causes of your digestive problems and issues and can suggest some positive changes you need to bring your lifestyle back in to a natural balance with your body.