Why choose  an ARCH therapist?

ARCH is the UK’s oldest and largest association for colon hydrotherapists, with over 200 members across the UK, performing over 200,000 treatments per year. Choosing an ARCH member for your colon hydrotherapy treatment gives you the reassurance of the very highest standards of safety and service.

Claire at Colonic healthcare designs your treatment packages based solely on your individual needs.

Whether you require  treatment for digestive problems such as constipation, diahorrea , flatulence, IBS, skin issues including acne, psoriasis, excema.  Anxiety, mental health conditions and Fatigue. To help with a detox or weight loss, post illness or during a life change (new job, divorce, bereavement). Your colonic treatments will be individual to you.


An initial appointment will be made where Claire will go through an indepth health assessment with you, check your blood pressure and talk about your physical and mental health. She will discuss the treatment and show you around the clinic and the equipment used.


So When it comes to your actual treatment time you will be relaxed, comfortable and fully informed of the entire procedure.


It is recommended an initial course of 3 treatments are performed to get the best possible results. The first appointment will be approximately 90 minutes and subsequent appointments an hour.


In the long term Claire recommends that you visit your colonic hydrotherapist just as often as you would your dentist! We take care of our oral health and go to a chiropractor, the nail salon and hairdressers……it is just as important (even more so!!) to take care of our colon and digestive system!!